#ZeroToDigital for Nonprofits

A comprehensive course in online marketing specifically designed for nonprofits including content creation, social media, email marketing, paid traffic, automation strategies and more.

Special Price: $500 or two payments of $250


Course Layout

Module 1: Strategic Planning and Content Creation

  • Learn digital marketing theory, how it compares and differs from traditional marketing, and how to adapt traditional marketing strategy to be digitally effective.
  • Create and define your fundraising/volunteer goal.
  • Plan your campaign.
  • Systematically identify and understand your ideal customer.
  • Strategically communicate your mission and value proposition in a way that reaches your ideal donor/customer, despite a crowded and noisy digital world.
  • Written content: Use specific formulas that I've designed to write copy with ease that converts online.
  • Photos: Plan, take, and edit professional-quality photos that amplify your copy with nothing but your smartphone.
  • Video: Learn how to take advantage of this high-converting tool (video converts 400% higher than static communication online). You'll learn how to take and edit quality videos through live interfaces and also your smartphone.

Module 2: Email Marketing and Conversion Tools

  • Learn how to optimize your email marketing with your website and fill your email list with new, potential donors/customers each day.
  • Nurture potential and existing donors/customers with specific actions to keep them in your donation funnel via email marketing.
  • Create and automate emails with step-by-step tech guides of the most popular email marketing programs on the market.
  • Learn how to use landing page software to increase conversions to email lists and donations.
  • Learn how to integrate email marketing and landing pages with your website.

Module 3: Social Media

  • Create content that leads to revenue on the most effective social media platforms.
  • Optimize your post types, times, frequency, and purpose for higher conversion rates.
  • Engage your potential and current customers/donors and attract new ones with proven social tools.
  • Rapidly expand your marketing funnel with unpaid social media strategy.
  • Understand "under the hood" tools, apps, and strategies that make social media platforms effective.

Module 4: Paid Traffic/Online Advertising and Long-term Planning

  • Learn the most powerful and economical ad (paid traffic) platform (Facebook and Instagram ads) online.
  • Use it to get more leads in your funnel and donations/conversions quickly.
  • Understand why some ads work so much better than others.
  • Use the most powerful targeting techniques (custom and lookalike audiences) to find new customers and retarget existing ones.
  • Predict your revenue through analytics and budget for the future.
  • Learn how to remarket to your warmest leads (40%+ conversion rate).
  • Bringing it all together: Review how to build complete online marketing funnels (from strategy to content creation, to landing pages and email marketing, to social media to paid traffic).
  • Use key performance indicators (KPIs) to continually improve marketing funnel sales/conversions.
  • Learn how to automate your online marketing funnels to increase organizational efficiency and revenue.

Content Summary

  • 30+ video lessons with slides, taught by instructor.
  • 40+ worksheets, guides, and templates.
  • 25+ video and printable step-by-step tech tutorials.


"Thanks to Vanessa, we've tripled our online marketing and most importantly, we've increased our fundraising revenue by 300%!" - Tracy Fauver, Executive Director, Yolo County CASA

“Online marketing has been on my list for a while as something I really want to learn and use for my organization. I’m really glad I did it with Vanessa. She’s patient, responsive to all questions, and makes sure you get the results you want. She’s funny, too.” - Kara Hunter, Executive Director, Yolo Conflict Resolution Center

"Even though I have a marketing background, I found Vanessa’s program gave us great value, specifically where we should focus our online marketing efforts. It also gave me new strategies and new techniques about how to implement them. We are already seeing incredible results and I highly recommend it." - Johanna Abasto, Marketing Manager, Davis Food Co-Op

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